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Computer printout with interpretative texts

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Now you can order a printout of your Vedic chart. This printout is around 40 pages and will be sent to you as a Word attachment. The costs is $ 10 (or 10 Euro) It contains:

> The main Vedic chart (rashi). You will find codes in this chart which are helpful for interpretation.

> The navamsa (chart of the soul) and dasamsa (chart of career)

> Shadbala analysis (strength of natal planets)

> Sarva Ashtakavarga Chart (chart that gives information about the strength of houses)

> Information about planetary periods (overview of dashas, bhuktis and recent antara bhuktis)

> Interpretative texts about what it means for you if certain planets and certain houselords are in certain houses. These interpretative texts are around half of the printout. This gives interesting information about yourself which is useful also if you do not know how to interpret a Vedic chart yourself. You will find interpretative texts about the planets and about the houses (which symbolise your circumstances).

Note that this is a computerised report. This means that the report will have contradictions and can in no way be compared to an analysis made by a professional astrologer.

The fee is for making the computerised report only and does not include discussing the results.

The ordering process consists of two easy steps:

First step: your birth information

Please write an email to

In that email mention:

1. Your name.

2. Your birth data

  1. day of birth ( 1 to 31)
  2. month of birth. To prevent confusion please write the name of the month in full. For example not 3 but March.
  3. year of birth
  4. town of birth (in case it is a small town place mention the nearest city)
  5. state of birth
  6. country of birth
  7. time of birth (always mention the time of birth using 24 hours notation, which means for example 16.04) 

Please wait till you have received my confirmation email saying that your order is ready to be processed.

Second step: payment

After you have received the confirmation email you can complete your order by going to the payment page on which you can see different options concerning payment.
Click here for the payment page.  

The printout will be sent when the payment has been completed.

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