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Want to know what the future brings? Order your personal overview of predictions.

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Now it is possible to order an overview of what the future has in store for you.

The predictive monthly overview is based upon contacts that planets in the heavens make to the planets to your chart and to eachother.

When such a contacts happens it is highly likely that a fitting event happens. If you know when you can expect such an event you are prepared for it.

An overview of one month consists of about 20 pages.

The exact timing of each aspect is given and an interpretation of each and every contact so you know what to expect and when. Also the exact time is given when a planet enters a new sign or house.

The planets that are used in the overview are the traditional seven planets and the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). I have noticed that the outer planets are extremely important to explain what is happening in one's life.   

The report you will receive is computer generated. The printout will be sent to you by email in an Adobe (.pdf) format. 

The following reports are available: 


Click here for an example of a monthly report.

Note: Contacts between Transitory planets and Natal planets are mentioned under Tran - Nat, contact between Transitory planets are mentioned under Tran - Tran. 


Click here for an example of a yearly report.

The ordering process consists of two easy steps:

First step: birth information

Please write an email to

In that email mention:

1. Your name.

2. Your birth data 

  1. time of birth (always mention the time of birth using 24 hours notation, which means for example 16.04).
  2. day of birth
  3. month of birth. To prevent confusion please write the name of the month in full. For example not 3 but March.
  4. year of birth
  5. town of birth (in case it is a small town place mention the nearest city)
  6. state of birth
  7. country of birth

3. The reports will be adapted to the time zone in which you live. Therefore I need your town of residence (if it is a small town please mention the largest city), your state of residence and your country of residence. 

4. The standard option for the reports is the Vedic sidereal zodiac and the Vedic whole sign system (in which a sign corresponds with a house). If you like me to use the Western zodiac and Placidus (Western) houses please let me know that in your email.

Please wait till you have received my confirmation email saying that your order is ready to be processed.

Second step: payment

After you have received the confirmation email you can make a payment using the payment page on which you can see different options concerning payment.

Click here for the payment page.  

The computer reports will be sent through you by email in Adobe (.pdf) format after the payment has been completed.      

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