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> Email Course Vedic Astrology on the Basis of your own Horoscope

> Information about the Advanced Diploma Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

> Professional Vedic Software

> Email Course Burmese Astrology, based on your own chart

> Course Chinese Four Pillars Astrology

> Vedic Online Bookstore

> For explanation of the Hindu Lunar Zodiac and the Astrology of India

> Advanced email course Applied Vedic Astrology

> Get to know the Dirah team of teachers

> Course advanced techniques for Jyotish
> How to use Astrology in connection to Ayurveda

> Yogas in Vedic Astrology
> Learn the connection between the chart and what you really see in the sky: Course Astronomy for Astrologers
Some Characteristics of the Nakshatras and how to use them in chart interpretation.

> Compatibility in Vedic Astrology: The astrology of relationships

> Shadbala, a system to determine the strength of planets

> Horary or Muhurta Astrology

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