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Haydn's Jyotish, software for Vedic Astrology for Mac/Apple

Information about Software for Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

Haydn's Jyotish: low in price, has interpretive texts and offers other great features.

The program is low priced and the charts are easy to interpret because of the use of codes and the fact that the program offers interpretive texts of a high quality. Haydn's Jyotish is the ONLY program that has these codes which are a great help by interpreting the Vedic Chart. Also it is the only program which produces interpretive texts made by James Braha. These interpretive texts will give you clarifications about the chart you are studying. 

Haydn's Jyotish is essentially a DOS program. However it works on Mac computers. It comes with detailed installing instructions. 

Another consequence of it being a DOS program originally is that the look and feel of the program is a bit old fashoined.

If you have Windows you are adviced to buy Kala

If you are willing to use a PC simulator like Wineskin and want a more modern, extensive, program you can also buy Kala. Click here to see the instructions of using Kala on a Mac.   


Feature List:

The price depends on your mailing address

For obvious reasons software can not be returned.


1. First send a mail to saying you want to order the software Haydn's Jyotish. Please mention your name and full address (including country).                        

2. Click here to go to the payment page. You can choose different payment options.

3. Your order will be sent when the payment has been completed.

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