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How to use Kala Vedic Software on the Mac

Information about Software for Vedic Astrology or Jyotish


For a description of Kala Vedic Software click here.

Although Kala is a program made for Windows it can be used on Macs also

Download wineskin from

For ease of finding it, I like to pull this download over to the desktop.
Also have your Kala download folder on your desktop.

Click on Wineskin and select “Create New Blank Wrapper” and name it Kala. If, you cannot select the Create New Blank Wrapper, then click on the + under the Installed Engines and install the newest wrapper from the list that pops up – the one with the highest version number.
Wait while the wrapper gets set.

You will then get a box saying “Wrapper Creation Finished”
On this box click “ View wrapper in Finder”

Now you should see in your finder at a location that wineskin installed it into. (this will have the wineskin icon.)
Pull this over on to your desktop.
Now from your desktop, click on the

You will see another box pop up with the following  buttons.

“Install software”
“set screen options”

If your mac is High Sierra OS, then go to “Set Screen Options” and uncheck “autodetect GPU”. Thisis very critical if you have high Sierra. Otherwise you do not need to do this step.
Now you are back to the above box.

This time select “Install Software.” And then select from the Kala folder on your desktop select “setup.exe” and tten follow the Kala installation directions on your screen.

At the end of installation you will see another box asking you to select your executable “Choose Executable”. From the dropdown select “Kala.exe” 

Your Kala installation is finished.

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