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You can order using the Paypal payment system.

After having paid you will receive a confirmation mail by Paypal immediately and a confirmation mail by Dirah Academy. This last mail needs manual processing so please allow some time for delivery.

If for whatever reasons you do not receive the mails or have questions please email

If you do not like to make use of the Paypal buttons please look for other options at the bottom of this page.

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Note: The download link will be send to you manually. Please allow some time for that. 



You can also pay by making a bank transfer. However, make sure that you pay the costs of the bank transfer. Only in that case will the amount that arrives at my account be the same as the amount that you should pay.

If you live within the European Community then most banks do not charge costs for money transfers to the Netherlands.  

These are the details about my bank account. The BIC of my bank and my personal IBAN are the most important data you need to make the transfer.

My IBAN (International Bank Account Number): NL 19 INGB 0000 416584. This IBAN is on the name of Dirah Academie

BIC (Bank Identification Code also called Swift code) of my bank: INGBNL2A. Address of bank: ING, Bijlmerdreef 106, 1102 CT Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you would like to do a payment by bank please send an email first:
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